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Q: How many practice essay exams will I write and receive comments on?

A: You will write 3 essays per week and receive detailed comments thereon. After a one-on-one conference regarding your essay you may re-write it and receive further comments. 

Q: How many performance tests will I write and receive comments on?

A: You will write 1 performance test per week and receive detailed comments thereon. After a one-on-one conference regarding your performance test answer you may re-write it and receive further comments. 

Q: Will I obtain the individual attention that I need to address my writing deficiencies?

A: Yes. The course is tailored to fit your particular needs. Each student is coached on a one-on-one basis. After you have submitted your first essay, I will identify areas of writing strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter, I will work with you on future essays and performance exams to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Q: How are essay and performance exam answers submitted to The Bar Coach? 

A: Answers may be handwritten or word processed and either faxed or emailed. If you intend to type the bar exam, it is better for you to presently type your practice exam answers.

Q: How are comments provided to students and reviewed with students?

A: Detailed comments are provided in writing via mail, fax or email.  Weekly phone sessions will also be scheduled. For students that reside in the Los Angeles area, in person meetings are also an option.

Q: How quickly are answers with comments returned to students?

A: Answers are returned to bar takers with detailed comments within forty-eight hours of submission. It is crucial that bar takers stay on schedule since skills that are learned are cumulative. Bar takersí delay in submitting answers may result in their failure to complete a sufficient number of essays or performance exams and ultimately in a lack of preparation for the bar.

Q: How will The Bar Coach prepare me for the performance exam? 

A: The performance exam is the most practical part of the bar. Bar takers who have worked in law offices and engaged in tasks relating to the practice of law will more readily grasp the framework of the performance test. Bar takers should keep in mind that no matter what type of document you are asked to write, the same skills that The Bar Coach teaches may be employed. The purposes of various legal documents will be taught to enable greater comprehension of tasks. For example, if you are asked to write a declaration, the bar taker should understand that a declaration is a factual document of a witness that is sworn under oath. Thus, it is inappropriate to include law in a declaration.

Due to length, the performance test demands greater reading comprehension and absorption skills as well as superior time management abilities. Bar takers must quickly and accurately read and analyze the file and library. The Bar Coach will demonstrate the technique of active reading.  Performance tests are much more fact intensive than essays and bar takers therefore need to acquire skills in elimination of not useful facts. Special attention needs to be paid to the jurisdictions of cases in the library, levels of the courts and the year of decision to determine weight of authority and whether the authority is mandatory or persuasive. 

Organization and detailed outlining are more crucial on the performance test than essays due to the voluminous amount of material given to the bar taker. Without the knowledge of how to create a comprehensive outline, bar takers will be easily overwhelmed and lose their focus. The Bar Coach will teach you how to prepare detailed outlines.

At the beginning of the course, The Bar Coach will provide bar takers with a packet of materials to specifically assist them in preparation for the bar exam.

Q: How do I know that The Bar Coach is the right tutorial for me? 

A: The Bar Coach is the right course for you if you are serious about passing the bar and are willing to devote your time to an intensive training methodology. The Bar Coach will provide you with structure, discipline and a writing mechanism that will enable you to pass this time.


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